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Cybersecurity Skills I

Engaging the learning machine


Cyber Security Career Advice

Interested in a career in Cyber Security? The best course I can recommend for you is to decide which area of cyber security you are [...]

The Myth of a Cyber Pearl Harbor

The specter of a "Cyber Pearl Harbor" is kicked around the media frequently, usually riding the tides of Federal budget debates. This month, I'll throw [...]

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Dr. Joe Adams is a retired Army officer, former CIO, and founder of the Michigan Cyber Range. Joe retired as a Colonel from a 26 year career in the US Army Signal Corps, which included diverse assignments such as designing networks for NATO, teaching hacking at the US Military Academy (USMA), and building security programs as the Chief Information Officer of the National Defense University. After retiring, he joined Merit Network and built the Michigan Cyber Range. Throughout his career, he has been an innovative force for technological and cultural change in the organizations he works with. 

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